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This is a scary moment for me. I don’t like sharing unpublished work, but since it’s on submission to houses, why not?

Then do I pick up the Zoastra Affair my science fiction romance coming out from Soul Mate Publishing? I tend to think they are going to make me rewrite my first chapter. I’m unsure. I broke alot of rules to world build this. It’s different from my norm, but hey, life is an adventure. I’ll show what I mean from openings to show why I think this is going to reworked. Yet woot, woot, I still sold it and they are taking a chance on me.

First Page Zoastra affair UNEDITED but SOLD

Twenty Second Century

Sheraton Home World

I’m going to have to steal someone else’s body to get out of here.

“Ariel, are you listening?”

Ariel Transcender stared dumbfounded at the mother superior of her prison aka Aulnale School for Orphans. “Yes, mistress.”

She had no idea what happened, though Ariel pasted a fake simpering smile of appreciation. Ms. Rochelle walked away.

A few minutes later, she stared out the window again, droning out the lecture on propriety when near a man. The boarding home on this planet gave the stupidest lectures of the galaxy. Women were not excited to be bound to men. But could she do this to someone else? Did Ariel have any other choice?

Lenchena, the girl who stole her body and took off on her ship, needed to be found. Ariel refused to listen to drivel on always listening to a man.

Not on her planet, Grinocx. Sheratons never made sense. Her eyes wandered to the well-manicured lawn designed for ostentatious parties. While not listening, Ariel heard the phrases, ‘please a man,’ ‘be agreeable’ and ‘do whatever is asked with a smile’ floating in the air.


Did you notice how Ariel is defying the headmistress in her head while plotting to steal someone else’s body to get off the planet? She’s not in movement, but I do love this story, and set up how Ariel is going to steal Grace’s body and life on the human ship about to land on the planet. And no, Ariel’s not a bad girl, she’s just does bad things in  life to go home.

I compare this to my story that I’m putting on out on submission now. Tentatively titled, Chaperoning Paris. It’s contemporary romance, and needs work. But fingers crossed news will appear on this site soon where I excitedly announce someone likes it enough to take a chance on my story.


Standing in his mother’s kitchen, Sean Collins smiled as he hung up the phone. Payback time.

He went along the carpeted hallway to his bedroom to change from his t-shirt and jeans into his black pin stripe, king of the business world suit complete with black tie and shiny black shoes. While he put his shoes on, Sean listened to his son  talking nonstop to his mother upstairs. Moving to his parents’ country estate where he grew up on Cape Cod had been good for everyone.

Grabbing the keys, he called upstairs, “I’m leaving. I won’t be gone long.”

Three months ago, when the principal at school fired him, Sean swore on every holy book that he’d been fired because his doctors discovered cancer in a routine physical exam.

Sean never needed the money from working at the school, but he’d gotten what he wanted. To prove he didn’t have to do spend his life with numbers.

He walked outside to his car. The smell of freshly cut grass hit his senses.

Walking toward the garage, Sean stared at the vast forested area on the property for a moment. Trees made sense. Women never had. His mother must be the rare female in the world he could understand. Sean’s luck with women had been bad from the start. His first girlfriend, Gigi Dumont, left him for parts unknown, and then later his ex-wife, Jennifer, also left. She played with a whole set of loose scruples. Why did everything in his life always seems to go back to Gigi leaving?


Writers just to talk the difference, though they are different genres. Sean is on a mission. He’s going to a place he worked to fire the man who fired him because he had cancer. And he’s also thinking about Gigi, the heroine he’s about to run into again.

Ariel is just standing around plotting in her head. Both genres are hard to write, but they hit different parts of my brain. For science fiction romance, I get to think about the future, what it would be like, what planets are out there, but it’s almost more in my head too when I write about it. So putting the action into the story is harder for me there. In contemporary we’e not thinking about the future. The rules of this world can stifle my dreamy side. It’s here. It’s now. And if I had them pulling out the grill and going on their porch in the middle of December on Cape Cod, well no one will take me serious. So you have to research, research, research to get maps, directions, etc of places you haven’t been too in years. In this sense, sci fi is easier. I make up my own map though the researching of science must happen. But somehow I find quantum science and theory fun to read. I don’t know. Either way I’d love feedback. Oh and I made commercials for the books and pages with the blurb.

What do you think? Would you read either one of them? If you leave me feedback, I’ll gift you one ecopy of my fantasy based self published work, Mything You. I wrote this for fun, and my only regret with this one is that I never tried to send it to publishers. But it’s a growing experience and life moves on… says my eternal optimistic side demanding to smile. So here is your chance to win!!!

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  1. The fact that the narrator in the first peek isn’t acting doesn’t bother me as a reader. She’s being carried along and the reader is stuck in her head with her — both things that fit the sense of entrapment that she seems to be feeling. It makes me anticipate the moment the potential energy will go kinetic.

    In the second peek, the narrator seems unsettled and restless, so it makes sense that he’s on the move. His mind is roaming through the problems in his life; his body is heading to an unknown destination.

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