Sold my Novel to be called The Zoastra Affair to a publisher

Super Excited and I have to share… I sold my science fiction story to Soulmate Publishing. Contract is signed. Woot, woot.

For other work, I updated a rough manuscript that needs work, but the ending is ten times better now. Then I’m almost done with my next contemporary romance. If I could be a Science Fiction writer and grow my universe though… count me in. I always wanted to write these books.

In this world, The Zoastra is my space ship. It’s mission is to explore deep space to find the aliens who are attacking Earth and other humanoid planets. The aliens haven’t attacked in a while, so the General is taking his time finding the right people for the mission into the unknown.

That’s the background.

In Chapter one you met Ariel. Someone stole her body when her ship landed on the planet years ago. She’s made a decision to steal someone else’s body to go find her body.

Grace is the science officer on the Earth Space Ship Zoastra. She’s married to her childhood sweetheart, and love of her life. She’s not spent any time with him lately as he’s on a mission to get a promotion at work, and the ship is understaffed. She’s had erotic thoughts on his best friend, but would never act on them.

When Grace lands on the planet, Ariel steals Grace’s body and assumes her life.

Ariel wants to find her body though life on the Zoasta is better than the planet. Cross is handsome, and she’s useful again.

Grace is not about to let someone take off with her body and her life. Grace chases her.

This is the basic set up of the story I sold and woot, woot, now people will be able to buy it soon enough. Did I mention it takes place on a space ship in outer space? I’m thrilled to write this world. My fingers are itching to start another one, but that contemporary is 85% done… just needs an end.

Sigh, okay, finish next project and get thinking on more.

This Saturday, it’s the Highland Games for me in South Florida. I’ve never been to one of these, but I’ve read about the historical ones in many a books… it’s going to be fun. If you are around, come.