Star Wars bought by Disney

Count me in the excited Disney bought Star Wars category. Growing up I wanted to be Princess Leia. Still seeking Han Solo, FYI. Either way the books have been around forever and I’ve always wished to see the sequels. I never wanted prequels, though I saw them all Disney is amazing at marketing. They want male fans and the Marvel universe with the addition of Star Wars merges my worlds together. Yes, I’m a girl who loves reading romance novels, but to talk to my dad or boys growing up I was all about Marvel or Star Wars. Disney will make the sequels now. I’m beyond excited. Can Disney change the giant golf ball in Epcot to the Death Star? And can they please add Princess Leia to the list of Disney princesses? Silly but I’m excited!

No matter what, “May the Force Be with you”

2 thoughts on “Star Wars bought by Disney

  1. I love Star Wars but I’m a purist … I can’t get excited for some of the changes I fear will come along as a part of Disney owning this franchise. The originals were AMAZING and I loved every second of them … the re-releases were ok, but nothing to get worked up over and the Episodes 1 – 3 were a nice touch but somewhat unnecessary. My fear is that Disney will take some of the “edge” off the franchise and make it more “watered down family friendly” and will lose some of the storytelling in the process. These are just my fears, based in my own paranoia and have nothing to do with anything I’ve heard 🙂

    1. Disney is amazing at marketing. And Star Wars has mythic themes and storytelling, but it’s never been a sexy romp where censors had to touch it. Disney makes great movies too that affected my childhood.
      Episodes 1-3 were missing something because the movie studios gave Lucas’ carte blanch to do whatever he desired. The originals all had movie producers breathing down his back. Plus this time there are books. To me this is a win.

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