Step One in Planning a wedding

So the hall I wanted for my wedding next year is unavailable. Drat. We don’t meet with the priest until the 26th. We meet with someone else the week after as a backup. And we have to find a place within our budget. In South Florida, how are people getting married? We’re saving for a house, and my fiance seeks out a better job. He has one now, but he’s qualified for more. So I don’t want to drop twenty thousand dollars on an event. It’s not my style. Saturday is super busy. I’ve booked six places to go check out.

Somehow I want to say forget this, let’s go to Vegas. The vacation will end up being cheaper. But we won’t. Memories are important with family. And we’ll find a good deal. I did not disappear for weeks on end because I wanted to go slow with my father to tell him about the wedding only to fly off now. And unless I can get time off in the winter months, the beach is out. So my requirement is simple for the wedding: Air conditioning. In June, Miami is HOT. And I’ll be in a big dress.

From the pictures and the price tag, the fiance is already to chose one location. But I want to check out everything. And the religious chapel or Church would be nice too.

So if anyone else ever planned a wedding, step one has to be location, location, location. And I hope you live in a more reasonably priced place than Miami aka the playground of the rich. One day this issue of course won’t be an issue. But for now, I want people to come and have a good time. Is that wrong?

I will report back on this blog soon!