Sunday and the need to rest


Yesterday I pushed my energy and went to the Florida Romance Writers mini conference. I had a great time with my friends and saw old friends. I was so tired I needed to rest though and today I didn’t want to leave my house.

In the picture, this is the type of scenery that awaits me if I do, but I had no power to even bother to go outside. It was pajamas, naps and bed time for me, all day. Perhaps tomorrow because of the awesome MLK day I can find the energy to do more.

For publishing I am still waiting for word on the cover art and due date for Mything the Throne. I turned the edits in New Years. I then turned around and edited Electing Love.

So for writing I am almost done with the last of the contracts and then I’ll be free to pursue my next goals. It’s exciting!

So I wanted to touch base with everyone and say hello on here. I hope you have more energy than me. If not, it’s cool. A nap is an amazing thing that I never used to appreciate.