Sunday’s excitement


I work full time and being pregnant means I am sleepy more often. I used to always have energy and I could drive myself to do whatever I wanted. I never gave up. Now that I’m 24 weeks pregnant, I am not hibernating like I was in in my first trimester, but working on a Saturday is DRAINING.

So this Sunday has been awesome. I woke. I ate. I wrote. I slept. Now I’m writing again. Tonight is Game of Thrones so I have big plans to find out how long Jon Snow will stay dead. I’m guessing a couple episodes. If he wakes tonight, I’m SHOCKED. I figure he’ll be dead for a while.

This is my amazing day. I know it could be that I go to the beach, see or do something fun and different. But honestly, I want to do nothing. I might not get another day like this for ohh 20 years once the baby is born, so I should enjoy now. The picture above just sounds lovely to me.

Anyone who knew me before the pregnancy is probably laughing at how I’m saying this. I absolutely used to be the one who stuck to something until I was finished. One day I’ll be that woman again or maybe not.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday. Talk soon!!!