Super Long Day after the long weekend

Today has been a LONG tiresome day. It’s post Thanksgiving, back to work Monday. For most people a case of the Mondays (Yes quoting Office Space here) is cured with what? Coffee and laziness? Both sound good and I’m off to bed soon.

Woke up early.

Went to the day job. (Gave a test in the middle of the day, so I’m that mean teacher.)

Bell rang at 2:20 and now the ‘me’ time begins.

Raced home to take my cat Anakin Skywalker to the vet for a refill prescription for his Thyroid condition. Done. Have the pills. We move on.

Went home, raced to my doctor for a test. I’m fine. (Anemia acts up and if you know what that lightheadedness is then they have a shot at the doctor that can fix this when it get bad.)

Okay done.

Rushed home.


Not on the internet because cable guy isn’t here.

Comcast arrived and spent hours in my house. I had to argue with him to change the modem and the router. They have a new service to charge me now for the router set up, though I paid before. Money stealing thieves are tomorrow’s issues. I’ll get them and their new charges, or I’ll run the damn modem/router/cable box over with my car then return them busted up parts for stealing from me. (See how I can visualize an extreme… writer.)

Then I called Corvallis Press on the edits. Here is the exciting part. SOON. Oh I can’t wait!!! It’s going to be FUN and HARD. I’ve always been a worker who give 110% and this is now my project. Whatever is asked, I will do on that score. Two Weeks In Miami, starring Charlotte and Bobby is a sweet story.

Wrote a little while Comcast guy is here on a far out project discussed in my writing group. Why not? What does one think of having a super power? It might be fun to write it, so this is what I started.

Beta read Sheena’s new story… I liked it.

Sister called. She had called earlier. We chatted.

Then more friends called, Edi and Ody and we talked about their books. Now I’m exhausted and going to bed.

Hope the week runs smoother now. And next week after that. It’s back to the norm now when it comes to working, though that Turkey time off was delicious and fun.

Night all and I hope your case of the Mondays went smooth!