Tea sparks up the adventure and the romance

How Do I write

The past two days have been harder to sit down, unplug my brain from the world and to create. I still don’t know what to do about one of my heroines. Another heroine of another book is speaking so loud that she’s demanding attention. And that probably sounds crazy to the non writer. My writer friends will be like ‘I hate when that happens’ cause we all share part of the same mental illness that wants us to unplug from the world for a while. As I said I’m having trouble unwinding the brain to let that happen. So my solution to this is quiet time and a spot of tea. My Boston Irish ancestry raised me on tea like it was water. With a name like Pinder, it sounds like I have some British ancestry too, but the Boston Irish side repeats ‘we don’t talk about that.’ Either way it’s tea culture. It’s no wonder I married a Persian as they have tea in their homes too. I know how to brew both the tea I grew up on and now Persian tea. The techniques are similar but a little different. The worst thing a tea drinker will see if they go into a store like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and the person behind the counter will pour hot water and add a bag after. This is the sign of someone not in the know. That tea cup placed in my hands is already not worth the money you want to charge me. It wasn’t made properly. So this is how I get my head in the game to write and be transported. Tea. I love most teas, except earl grey. I never could get into that one despite how cool Captain Picard, the Brit pretending to be French guy was on one of my favorite TV shows growing up. Hope everyone has a pleasant day. I’m going to try to make it see a friend’s Christmas concert tonight as I really could use a shot of good cheer and merriment.