Telenovela is another of my favorite shows


Drama, drama, drama and with Telenovela, it’s laughter.

I admit that I used to watch Days of Our Lives. It started when I was a child and OJ Simpson was all over the news everyday. It was either  watch DOOL or watch the trial highlights. I watched Days. I hated Sami Brady. She was so evil and Austin was so dumb. Carrie was the good sister. Then somehow Sami Brady became the star of the show and to me the show suffered. I hated her. And yes I was team EJ and Nicole. What’s good about Days is that I can tune in and catch up, if I wanted. I watched the episode where they killed Bo. I’m still traumatized. Bo Brady was the ultimate hero who was absolutely in love with Hope. All of this probably inspired my love of romance novels where people live happily-ever-after.

And I have been absolutely hooked on English speaking version of Spanish Telenovelas. (This blog could also be about Jane the Virgin, Devious Maids, or many more.) Telenovela plays off the high drama but in a way that makes me laugh. Eva Longoria has comic timing, cannot sing, cannot dance, but she can faint well on her show. You can see how she worked on real life soap operas and the show makes me laugh. Ana was worried that her white boyfriend who can speak Spanish and dance Salsa James was in love with her. She’s still not over Javi though for whatever reason the show lists him as Xavier. (I keep thinking it’s Javi though.)

All in all if you love melodramas and once in a while you like to laugh at the fact that you enjoy melodramas, Telenovela is great. If you never watched these shows, it’s okay. The cast is just good entertainment… I needed good laughter yesterday. (Oh and for those who follow the blog, the apology went fine. I was being unreasonable for no reason and it’s all good now.)