Victoria Pinder-3So today and for the next month I’ll be playing with various things to see what kind of author name and brand and who I am. I’m not a natural marketing person but I did spend hours with Rossie Cortes, an amazing PR person, yesterday. She gave me an assignment to pick my marketing brand in a month.

We’re working on a lot of things to make me a better brand and I’m excited about this whole thing. I was messing around this weekend with ideas. Right now this is one of my ideas. I have more. But in thinking about who I am and what I want to present to the world, I have to say I know I’ll never be sweet. I’m nice, but I’m way too determined about myself. It’s the Chinese Dragon sign in me or the 4 stars in ares if you want to blame eastern or western astrology.

So when thinking about who I want to be as an author and how to present myself, I do declare that I am way too much like Scarlett O’Hara than I am Melanie. Now minus out the picking the wrong guy who I want to control nonsense of Scarlett’s personality, I do have a lot in common with her. I’ll find a way to bounce. She’s self assured, determined, and will do anything for the people she loves. I have my yearly viewing on the movie and when RWA was in Atlanta, I was quoting the book and movie a lot. I have always loved Rhett Butler for one. (Sorry Ashley fans, he’s not for me.)

So if there is one iconic persona I see out in the world that I’m more like than not, I can think of no other at this time than Scarlett. (If my next post is all about being a hippy and that’s the brand I’m playing with, understand I’m playing for a month… I’d love thoughts on this but I’ve not idea how to collect that one yet. I’m bolding playing until I figure out which one I like the best. So this is day one… Today I’m Scarlett.