This is the continuing story of the Hawke siblings and this one is more romantic adventure that takes place in a foreign kingdom with a handsome prince. I wrote this initially for a boxed set as in 2017 I wanted to join groups. So I joined in this group about guys who protect. There was no sexy requirement so this is pretty clean. And Olivia needs protection. Luckily the former US Marine turned prince turned hero, Conner Udine, is there.

And Olivia is sweet and kind. Sure someone is still out to kill her so there is danger, but it’s also just a sweet story about two people who fall in love.

Conner needs to get married. Olivia wants to stay alive, and she’s exactly what Conner needs for a princess. And here the villain is unknown because the would-be killer was already arrested. So it’s up to the prince to find out whose hunting Olivia all while the two are falling in love.

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Tempting Conner

Tempting Conner:

One sweet, unassuming book blogger targeted by an assassin. One handsome prince sworn to protect her. These two have nothing in common, except undeniable chemistry.

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Prince Conner Udine is a man of honor. When he promised his best friend and former Marine buddy that he’d protect his sister, he never imagined that it would lead to a lifetime commitment. When a sixteenth century law resurfaces, his life plan takes a drastic turn, and now he has to marry before his thirtieth birthday.

Olivia Hawke liked Conner from the first moment she saw him, but she never revealed that to him. Now, he’s her protector, and she has to live in his castle. As if that’s not awkward enough, he’s just revealed that he has to marry, and fast.

Will she agree to give him her hand and finally get the happily-ever-after she’s always dreamed of?