Thanksgiving and shopping

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I get to see my family. I don’t know when this happened, but adults are busy people. I never get to see my brother and he doesn’t live that far from me. Then there are the sisters and one lives so far, it’s sad. But Thanksgiving is about being grateful. I cannot wait, and mom makes the best turkey dinner. (She claims her bird is juicy because she fully covers the bird, not letting the juices escape… whatever she does, I love it!)

Then after that is Black Friday. I participated once in getting up at 4 AM to go get my 40 inch television for a crazy deal, but I don’t have any children and no doorbuster sales get to me this year. But black friday does mean I better get to shopping and planning.

Mom is the hardest to buy for. She loves everything and I never know what to get her. I could put a sticker on a rock and she’d thank me. I won’t do that.

The rest of the family share lists, so this is good. Nieces and nephews are the fun ones to shop for.

Commercialization of holidays is something I’ve heard all my life as a complaint, but giving to those who we love must be important. It makes me happy to see my family, but to give something because they all rock… even better.

Wish everyone reading this a Happy Thanksgiving with a table full of delicious fixings. Family time rocks!