Thanksgiving Day is here

Happy Thanksgiving-3

Readers of my blog know I was bummed my mom had to work today. She’s working till 4:30 PM so Thanksgiving truly is a dinner today. She lives about an hour north of me. I’ll start my mashed potato adventure in the kitchen soon, but yesterday I realized I wasn’t the only one that might be bummed in my family. My brother also has to work, but my sister who lives two hours north doesn’t. She’s single and she’s big on family. (She’s a cancer in astrology. I’m the crazy aquarius.) So I texted her and asked her if she finally wanted to come see the place. She said yes, so we’re cleaning up the small little mess that day to day living creates. (My house is usually pretty clean these days.) And my heart is exciting. My sister is coming over. So I truly get to spend the day with my family. My husband is happy for me that she’s coming. So all is well. Tomorrow we start the whole ‘what should be buy’ craziness of life, but today is all about family and spending time talking. I’ve not had that in a long time. I hope you and your family are all close. If not, relax with a book and get good food.

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