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I debated what book to put into this. Mything You is about Greek Mythology which I love it. But what I’m excited about is that I have a new science fiction novel coming out in December from Soul Mate Publishing. The Zoastra Affair is going to be awesome.
Ariel is my heroine. She’s an alien and an engineer with her people. Her problem is that some teenage girl stole her body and left Ariel stuck on that planet. She’s not a kick butt people person, but an engineer whose lived her life alone. She has to face some tough choices on what to do when she wants to get back to her body. She’ll have to do some bad things to accomplish her goal to go home, but once she crosses the line, can she ever really?
Finding my engineer for my space ship brings me one step closer to populating my own space ship.
And I’m not leaving Earth out. Aliens have attacked our planet, and the humans (us) are on a mission to find the ones who attacked us. We have no clue, which is where the Zoastra ship comes in.
The giveaway is for my short story where I began questioning and creating the ship. Makeup May Change Your Life is in many ways a short prequel. One cannot create epic space novel without understanding the characters who would drive the story. This story is super light hearted about Rosemary who buys alien makeup that does what all makeup promises, it makes all the boys notice her. She has her heart on one. It’s fun, short and easy to read. The full length, much darker story comes out in December 2013.
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