The Top Five Ways to Pick Your Date for Valentine’s

I’m not going to lie. Until I met my husband, I went for years all alone on this day and often with a romance novel. I totally believed in true love, but I dated men who were all wrong for me.

So this is reaching back and remembering the not so long ago days when my husband wasn’t in my life.

  1. Believe in Yourself and in Love.

If you believe that you are the best possible version of yourself or you’re at least on the path to liking yourself, how can you date anyone worthwhile? It’s better to go find a self help meditation class and focus on liking yourself.

  1. Believe in Love

I grew up on Disney movies. I spent the first half of today at the Florida Romance Writers monthly meeting where I had a side conversation on all things Disney related. I also won the trivia game for naming the most romantic comedies from the quotes provided. I also spent time writing romances or reading romance.

  1. Believe You Can Do it Alone but Leave Room in Your Life for someone else

This is going to sound contradictory. Don’t take any guy in your life. Most are not worth it. You only need the one who is right for you. You are not too old or too young so don’t believe that nonsense either. No one is perfect and a relationship will help you see your own flaws. So be happy in a room by yourself without any noise. Be happy alone, but don’t grow so bitter that you don’t leave room for someone else. Leave an empty place for someone else to sit. Leave an empty drawer. Let someone else fit in, but don’t expect immediacy. Instead it’s time for you.

  1. Believe in Others

Trust is the number one component of any relationship. So you have to learn to listen to your heart and also you have to believe that others are generally good. Remember how you were as a child when you made friends and they were your best friends, forever. I still have one friend from early childhood that I can call and it seems like no time has passed. Tap into that inner child and then believe in the guy you do like. He’ll pull through, if he’s a good one. And if he disappoints you, then he’s out the door, which you also should have learned that skill in the playground.

  1. Relax

The life span of a human being keeps expanding these days. The days of the bubonic plague might come back, but I’m not betting on it. There is plenty of time, no matter what your hormones or body makes you feel. Don’t give into panic. Relax. It’s all going to be fine.

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