Then I met my husband


Everything in your life changed when you meet a man who you can see yourself spending the rest of your life on earth with. We had different backgrounds. I had my health issues. But there was something that sparked life and the belief in fairy tales.

As many readers know, I was already writing romances when I met the DH (Dear Husband). I always loved the idea of happy-ever-after. The books I read helped me cope and stay hopeful, no matter what. I hope my books help people and touch them the way so many other romance novels helped me.

My husband didn’t care if we had children or not. He just wanted to be with me. We shared our stories. I fell even more in love with him.

Basically he was hard to say no to.

Getting married in your 30s gives you perspective. I knew I could live the rest of my life alone if I had to. I spent most of my adult life living alone. (The cat might count so then no I wasn’t truly alone.)

As today is my birthday, I feel free to share this post because happiness can happen. You have to let go off yourself and be willing to change. The part about getting older that is scary for many is that we stop wanting to change when it’s absolutely vital that we do. Once you accept that life isn’t what you planned and it can be better, it gets better.

We had a fun wedding where I enjoyed myself. The pictures were not stressful. I refused to be bridezilla. Things happen that cannot be controlled and I’d go with the flow. No worries.

Then we went on our honeymoon and life became something I never thought it would be… We were now two people but sharing in a way I never did until I met the DH.

Life is good when you let opportunities come in.