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And this weekend I have two books, one for everyone and one for the American Amazon shopper only. I’m usually a big proponent of being everywhere, on all platforms. But I do use a few books that go into KU to see if those readers might like me enough to buy my books.

Anyhow this weekend, my book Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush is on all platforms for only 99¢. I don’t often blog about these sales because it’s for subscribers only. However I’m sharing this week so people see the benefit of joining so I hope my subscribers forgive me for this once sharing the news that’s only usually for them.

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One: High School Crush turned Billionaire. Two: The perfect girl-next-door to impress his backers. Three: A pretend relationship that feels a little too good.

When Penny Knightheart moves back to Miami, she knows she’ll be thrust back into the drama that used to be her life. With a gold-digging mother clamoring for anything she can get her hands on and friends with a flair for drama, it’s all Penny can do to not get sucked back into it, but they’re the least of her problems when she runs into Jay Marshall, her former crush who kept her firmly in the friends’ zone for years.

No one is happier to see Penny than Jay. No sooner does she arrive when he sets a plan in motion. His investors need reassurance that he can keep a stable relationship with a relatively stable woman. No one fits the bill better than the ever-loyal Penny. There’s just one hitch – after reuniting with her, he finds himself wanting her more and more. That definitely wasn’t part of his plan.

Soon, a pretend date sets off a whirlwind of trouble. From mothers who want full control of their children’s lives to the loss of Penny’s new job and obstacles neither Penny nor Jay could have seen coming. On top of that, she just might be falling for Jay all over again.

Can these longtime friends build a lasting relationship from scratch? Will their full-proof plan lead to disaster?

And then on Amazon only one of my older books is also on sale for 99¢, Electing Love.

I don’t talk about this series much because honestly I want my rights back to a few of the earliest books and to run them through my awesome editors that I use now. However they were edited, but as I wrote them years ago it might just be that I grew as a writer and don’t like my early stuff anymore. This is a common artist thing in writing, art, dancing, acting, etc. As a reader there are a few authors who I loved their early stuff and don’t like their newer stuff. But as an author, I totally see it the other way now as we grow and change.

And I do love the essence of this New England family and in 2020, I’ll dig into editing the whole thing, including new covers, and all that. The publisher who owns the first two books offered editing, though I was a new writer then.

Anyhow the essence of this book is great and I hope you check it out, especially if you are Amazon only type.

Gerard’s senate bid means he must find a wife. Movie Star Nicole Wyman is no political wife. While these two would be better off without each other, they can’t ignore the chemistry.

Gerard Collins has always had political aspirations, but now that his name is on the ballot for the U.S. Senate, his dream of a political future is thrown into jeopardy unless he can successfully help his FBI agent brother bring down the Boroni family, Boston’s largest crime family.

Actress Nicole Wyland has raked in millions after a string of blockbuster movies, but for all her success, she’s been unlucky in love. A return home to Cape Cod, long after she escaped, hoping to never return, may be just what she needs to find her true self again. But, when she tries to make amends over a long-held contentious relationship with the Senate candidate, her plan to find herself takes an interesting turn.

Sparks fly immediately when Nicole and Gerard reunite, but with both vying for something larger than themselves and so many obstacles in front of them, can the sought-after movie star and the man with everything to lose find love or will politics, corruption, and the promise of success tear them apart?

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