Today I must do something I don’t do


Teenage and twenty something Victoria loved shopping as it helped her avoid responsibility and reaffirmed to her that life was good because she could buy whatever she wanted.

This was a long time ago for me. My life has changed dramatically and for the better, in many ways. Shopping was an addiction and Amazon Prime still gets too much play. I love staying at home and simply getting whatever I need delivered.

However with rebranding, the amazing PR guru Rossie Cortes has told me I must bring 3 change of dresses and they must not all be in the same style to my photo shoot. I have two photo shoots scheduled for the 28th. I have one dress that’s going. I have another dress that might work, but I don’t have a 3rd different style at all. So I must go buy an outfit.

This is pretty scary! I’m usually good with whatever I have in the closet, and I have reasons not to buy clothes right now. But I must have the outfits.

Tomorrow is also a scary day: I must brave the hair salon. All of this is for pictures of myself. It sounds so vain, but PR says I can’t simply use my instragram selfies if I want to look professional. She’s right. So I’ll get this done.

Hope your day after Christmas is going well. I waited to shop for me till now. Keep me in your thoughts.