Today’s goal


It’s not the chitchatting of a hair stylist that bothers me. I never like my hair despite everyone’s opinions. I have straight thin hair. This picture is me at a conference but you see what I do with my hair. I pin it out of my face and then move on with my life. (Shawls make me feel classy.) My hair doesn’t get big. It doesn’t get wild. It doesn’t do anything. I can go through a windstorm, and my hair will brush out. It will stay lifeless.

So when Rossie says for my photos to be done, I must be ready, it feels like I’m gearing up for a wedding and not a few photos of myself.

Yesterday I bought one dress. So now I have my 3 options. Today is the hair. Let’s hope this website ends up with a great header of me as that’s the goal. I can share my picture with the world.

This is supposed to be so I’m taken serious in 2016. We are preparing for the future now. Part of me wishes though I could stay home and write the next in my Frosted Game of Hearts books. I have started it and it’s about halfway done. I need time post holidays to get into gear.

I hope everyone is having an amazing day. My rebranding continues.