Tonight’s Powerball


Aren’t we all wishing we win? I know my husband and I both picked numbers. We’re in the lotto for powerball; the same as most of America probably.

Someone out there will win. I can hope to be someone.

Sure I have as much chance as getting picked for the Hunger Games, but hey the prize is much more pleasant.

This blog could easily be about what I’d do with the money. (Pay off the student loans comes first.)

However I grew up having to see the dark side of the lottery. What happens when people spend so much money on a dream that tuition cannot be paid, that the roof cannot be fixed, that there is no food in the refrigerator. I know exactly what that feels like.

So to play a lottery at all, I have to really be peaceful. It’s a dollar to dream and that’s all it is. It’s a dream. Sure it’s a lovely dream, but chances are better for one of my novels to help with those student loans. The powerball went up to two dollars. There is ALOT of things I can do with two dollars. So the prize has to be like it is for me to gamble $2. Otherwise it’s a balance and I don’t know if a dream that has less statistical chance of winning than me running for President and winning. (I’m not on the ballot.)

Yet I still did it. I bought a ticket. Who know. Tomorrow I might be singing a different tune. Tomorrow I might follow Mark Cuban’s advice I saw on Facebook because someone else really has hope to be that ‘someone’ who wins. The dream is powerful. I did my part. The past where bad things happen because of the lottery is forgiven. Things are in balance.

So good luck to everyone who wants to be that one ‘someone’. It’s good to dream.