Top Ten actors I want to see movies from in 2013

So instead of getting my own list together of what I want, I’m making a list of hot actors, I’ve seen this year in movies or haven’t seen in a while. These are the top ten guys I thought of today who I want to see again in my movie theaters.

1. Gerard Butler. (After Les Miz, I thought Phantom then thought 300 and this man shirtless was sexy.)

2. Chris Helmsworth. Thor. Do I need to say more?

3. Ryan Reynolds… sexy in the Proposal. He and Sandra can do another movie together. I’m in.

4. Jeremy Renner… after seeing him in Avengers and the new Bourne movie… I’m in

5. Daniel Craig…. Hello Mr. Bond. Yes, I’ll be a Bond girl. IDK you’re older than me.

6. James Franco… hello. He plays a good villain, but sometimes I find the dastardly smartness almost sexier than the hero… sometimes. James Franco seems to put that in my head.

7. Jonathan Rhys Meyers… I might never have dated Irish guys in my life though I’m so Boston Irish, but when I make this list up… I’m seeing perhaps I was wrong in my choices… Then I think about childhood and the boys… naw… but pretty to look at in film.

8. Johnny Depp, yes you are a strange one. But he has such pretty eyes.

9. Josh Duhamel… He makes me smile and what a perfect jaw.

Then last on my list of top ten movies actor hotties of 2012 who I want to see another movie of in 2013

10. Chris Pine… I’m not a fan of the new Star Trek movies so much. I’m a Roddenbury fan of his shows. But I don’t take away the cuteness. It took me a minute to notice in the Trek movie anyhow. Chris Helmsworth played daddy and he’s on the welcome to the short list of delicious men (and the only blond, lol.) But Chris Pine is adorable too.

So I hope these men all show up in movies next year, or they can have any role in any film version of my books. I’d just like to get a picture and then I’ll have to finally break down to join instagram.