Top Ten Song List made this morning on You Tube that has inspired me

This isn’t the usual list or the best of the best type of list. This is me thinking of various songs that hit a cord with me, and made me think.

1. Smooth from Santana featuring Rob Thomas (I love him. He’s married, but in fantasy world of mine, he can lose the earrings and just sing to me… I love the deep voice.) And who doesn’t to be in the park just letting go to dance…)

2. Call Me Maybe from Carly Rae Jepsen, past summer. Who hasn’t been interested in the person who isn’t interested in you? It’s so bubblegum, but I don’t care. The emotion is there.

3. Demi Lovato Skyscraper. I’m about to pick three sad songs, and this was the first. She’s on that lonely road and alone, but she’s going to crawl back. I love it. Why is it men trivialize female artists?

4. Alanis Morrisette You Ought to Know. The scorned woman. She’s moving on, but she’s bitter and angry and we’ve all been there too. This was girl anthem for a while, and people complain about it. Are women supposed to be perfect every second of the day? And what I love about Alanis is she took her money, and did what she wanted. She didn’t seek out fame to stay on top. She had something to share. You go girl.

5. Amy Winehouse, You Know I’m No Good. Ultimate sad girl who made so many bad choices. I think in sharing her pain like this, she did something honest and true. No one should make her choices, but it’s good to see the downward spiral. And if I’m honest, I’ve felt sorry for myself. New England, pick yourself up with your shoestrings kicks in, but before that… it’s okay to go to the dark side.

6. Pink. Try. She has so many amazing songs. She’s been my go to rock out artist. She don’t take nonsense, and she is who she is. So many people aren’t. And her songs empower, have a point, and are fun. I’d never be Pink, but she has her pulse on some truths. Here she’s not sure what’s the truth, but she’s pushing ahead with her life.

7. Duffy, Well, Well, Well. Most people don’t know this song, but I’ve been the girl whose been guilted into doing what she doesn’t enjoy. Duffy has better songs out there, but what I like about this is the breaking free of the guilt. I’m so in. I need that reminder once in a while.

8. Guess I should get back to some men, guess we’re making this list a girl list. I like both, but then I guess someone will be offended with including songs together, but hey, I read Dan Brown and Nora Roberts within days of each other. URA Fever is a duet in a way. Short song where both are different and it’s a funky song. I’m so in.

9. Carrie Underwood. I could have gone more recent, but this song was why I liked her. She’s tough. She’s angry. And she’s out to do the wrong thing. But can anyone blame her, well except for the destruction of property charges the song says.

10. Katy Perry sprang to mind. She’ Wide Awake. This song is number ten because no matter what happened, she’s stronger for it. Katy Perry’s husband for a week might have taken her cash, but she’s more awake, more alive because she found herself. Rock out.

I hope Rob Thomas doesn’t mind me putting him with a list of female artists. If he does, I’ll remove it if he can sing me a song. I’ll stop moving entirely as his voice gets to me. I love deep male vocals in songs, and he’ll be on a man’s list next time, lol.

The whole playlist

LOL so I started making up a story already.

Guy is hot, dances with the girl, she’s in love, hoping he’ll call, then he so calls. Unfortunately, he probably shouldn’t have or she shouldn’t have answered. They break up over something stupid and she’s heartbroken. Why? He quickly moves on and she’s so angry. Girl in this story then breaks him up with the other woman and they get back together. She knows she shouldn’t, but she’s lost and sad. She’s trying to make it work. He’s not who she wants, but she can’t convince herself to go. When he tries to control her, she won’t do what he wants. They are happier now, and attracted to each other when neither gives in. Ultimately he leaves her, again, for some other woman complimenting him. Uggh. This bad girl goes on her rant to break everything. He said he loved her, numerous times. Ughh. Give her a bat. She gets to the car, intending to damage everything. But in the end she drops the bat. She can’t do this anymore. He’s not worth it. He doesn’t value her. Walking away, she goes home, and wakes up. She meets a hot guy the next day, but she’s smarter now. When he lies to her once, she walks away, and happier for it. She gets a job in the city, and she’s calmer now. No more craziness. This is when she steps into her life, knowing who she is AND then when she’s whole, she meets this sexy man, who almost knocks the coffee out of hand at a Starbucks. Love hits, again, but this time, she’s better for it.  Now if anyone wants me to write this whole story, you let me know. I’ll get right on it. 

11. Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis. She’s in love and she’s going to not care what anything thinks. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for recent female songs? I love learning new artists.