Tuesday before Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving-2

It’s Tuesday. This is the last day of the week I see my students at the day job. I will be working and grading essays, but then Wednesday/Thursday is my kitchen misadventure. I hope the mashed potatoes turn out edible. Tonight I must venture to Publix to buy the potatoes, milk and butter for this epic time I intend to have. Is there something else that goes in mashed potatoes? If so let me know as I’m clueless. Of course this trip to the store this evening is also intimidating. After work my husband and I have eye doctor appointments where I’m sure they will put that thing in my eye to make the pupils so big. I doubt I’ll get to edit as much as I want… between the shopping, the people and my inability to see… today is going to go down as ‘let’s pray I make it home and never have to go out again mentality.’ The thing about being a writer is that I’m super comfortable being on my own. The crowd scares me more than anything else, but to make these potatoes I must face my fear and deal with people and shopping carts and the overwhelming sensation I get when I walk into a crowd. I’m sure this is some psychological phobia of mine, but we all have something. Okay wish me luck!