Two Weeks in Miami, trailers, Gerard Butler, and weekend

I should have spent half the morning doing something else. I even dropped the bagel meaning I had half a breakfast, but I’ve been thinking about making a video for Two Weeks in Miami for a while now. And I’ve put it off. Yesterday I imagined in my head a new novel where Gerard Butler inspired some hero. He’s hot and I need to see a new movie with that man soon.

Then I spent yesterday playing with my new kindle fire for Christmas, and wondering what it would be like to even meet Gerard Butler. After typing this up, I do have to finish up the manuscript and add in the male POV for the last few scenes. So I consider now knowing Gerard is a Scorpio important knowledge. This also means for this Aquarius girl who has been told I’m much too grounded to be an Aquarius… stay away from Gerard in real life. In my head though… he’ll find a funny girl much more interesting than his models. But C’est la vie. Dreams are important.

Now this morning’s war path was to make my new trailer. Making it scared me because I don’t want to go wrong, and this means I hesitate… If you hate it let me know! Hesitation can lead to safe choices instead of bold.

But whoops, it’s done. Also if you check back on this site for pretty much the first week of January, I’m involved with three different blog hops where someone can win. Just hope this means people notice the books all around me. It’s what I love doing and writing and the whole point of blogging.

Anyhow it’s back to writing and a girl can dream of Gerard Butler sitting next to her on an airplane and laughing, right? I mean what’s the point of him being on screen with no shirt on in his movies if we’re not to notice the hotness.