As a Floridian, one of places I love to visit when i can is not Disney, it’s Universal Studios. And the reason is 100% Harry Potter. So this summer when I start making my Romance Writers of America plans, I immediately think ‘Harry Potter with Writers.’ How awesome is that! I have ridden the train to Hogwarts many times now as a teacher who volunteers to chaperone Grad Bash.

Florida high school seniors once a year get to shut down the theme park for a night and ride the rides. There is a concert with a famous artist and students are psyched up to go. I go so I can experience the world of Harry Potter, again and again.

I love buying a wand (not that I actually bought one as they have yet to choose me as the person to demonstrate on.) THe show is great. I love the bank ride. The train ride. The butter beer. Basically I love all things Potter.

If you’ve not gone, I highly recommend taking a day to do both parks so you can experience all things Potter. In my dream of RWA I’d love to head up early and just spend Tuesday at Universal again… It would be so much fun to see the world with writers.

How fun would it be to just talk about being creative in a world built from novels? If I knew enough writers were interested, I’d absolutely call to create a group and organize. My real life friends who are going will probably hear me talk more about this, but even if you don’t know me personally or we only met once… message me and we can set up a fun Tuesday before the energy of RWA takes hold of us all.