Valentine’s Day


Today is the day of love and flowers. It’s the day of telling the one you love, ‘I love you.’

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for flowers. I love how they smell and how I feel when I’m surrounded with flowers.

But the whole pressure thing about Valentine’s Day… ehh, its not for me.

My husband knows I love him. I tell him all the time. We’re having our first baby. We don’t need a holiday at the moment to tell us we should get anything.

Today I’ll be updating the baby registry at Buy, Buy Baby. We talked about a few things that are important, like a car seat that doesn’t wake up the future baby if he/she is sleeping and it’s time to go home.

We have questions about our child’s future life once the birth happens that are so basic, like where does he/she sleep. In our place at the beach, we don’t have much room. It’s big enough for two, but what happens when our baby gets here. At first he/she won’t need much space, but that will probably change fast.

So we have lots of plans that we need to make that are not about ‘get me’ anything. It’s about preparing for the future, which is going to be amazing.

Someone at the writers meeting said ‘I have a hard time picturing you as a mom.’ Perhaps they are right. I’m slightly spoiled and I’m definitely opinionated. But I’m hoping my son/daughter learns that it’s okay to be strong and speak your mind. (Now some of my bad habits won’t be fun if they are passed on… I’m going to have to work on myself for the next few months.)

I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s, no matter what small thing you are doing. Love is a great thing. I just don’t know if we need a holiday to say ‘life is great.’ It usually works out.