Sunday I signed my first contract with Corvallis Press. I’m so excited that my hard work and love for contemporary romances is being published. Two Weeks in Miami now has a cover and I expect the edits any day. 

Greta Buckle’s interest in Mythology hasn’t died! The march to the sequel continues.

However the contemporaries are my first goal. Whenever I needed a pick me up, I’d pick up a romance novel. Now I can call myself a real author, in February… my birthday month. So this was the goal and the professional publications will be under my real name. I’m so excited about everything.

This meant November’s goals changed for me. I wrote the sequel to Two Weeks in Miami a while ago, but haven’t looked at it. It needs layering before I offer it. Now I’m layering it. Two Weeks is a Fish out of Water story. I love those stories. The sequel is a reunion story. I had intended to expand my horizons with the romance plots, but I’ll be writing another sequel soon.

In the meantime, I’m writing and the beginning is now happening. So I’m sharing my joy. I had planned on saving my five free days for the KDP select till December and the beginning of January. But I want to share my voice now. So this might not be the best marketing as the Contemporary isn’t out till February, but I don’t care. Today is a day of sharing. So on Saturday November 10th and Sunday November 11th… please download for free Mything You!