Victory Dance for a truly Happy Thanksgiving

Victory Dance


I am so excited that I’m double blogging today. (Tomorrow is a day off the computer and I totally deserve it.) Writing a novel is hard work. Rewriting is even harder for me. Edits are slit my wrists painful when I hate every word I wrote in the novel. (I would never condone or do anything to harm me. I might one day light the manuscript on fire and take pleasure in watching the pages curl that I think are horrible.) I don’t know any author who hasn’t gone through that cycle of loving the work to hating the work to loving the work again. So I’ll start at the beginning. It’s Nanowrimo. I spoke to my husband about how I intended for Nanowrimo November to be my get my butt back in gear month. We moved in October and we were away till mid August. The summer of writing didn’t happen for me. I was having a hard time focusing and hadn’t written much. The calendar loomed. I saw the calendar and said okay November it is. I edited Stormy Peril in October, submitted it to Kindle Scout and then decided to write new. November 1st to 5th I wrote 21000 words. I was on a roll in a new novel. Then my publisher emailed me asking about the edits for Mything The Throne. I thought perhaps they forgot about me. I didn’t think I could handle fixing that hot mess. The email set me off. I had till December 5th to make it good. I have now rewritten 75000 words into a new POV and tightened the story. It’s practically brand new as it was that awful. I want to go through it again after Thanksgiving to make the pages now shine that are rewritten. But for tonight… it’s party time! I finished!!! Tomorrow I can eat mom’s Turkey with pleasure and not stare at the computer.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone else is having an awesome day. I’ll be dancing…


Victoria Pinder

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