Vizcaya in Miami or visiting the local history

real estate in the city-3Being pregnant means I cannot fly these days. These are the small things that we can’t worry about, but happen sometimes.

So when I can’t fly to a new place and I can’t see history, what can I do? Visit the local spots! In Italy, I went to museums. In Paris, I went to Versaille. In Tehran, we flew to see Persepolis (ancient city destroyed by Alexander the Great.) In Miami the history doesn’t truly begin until the invention of the air conditioner. So for a history teacher, it’s not much.

However art is art and there are always things to appreciate. What’s fascinating about Vizcaya, built by those robber barons in the last Gilded Age, we found a gorgeous home where every room is dedicated to a different era and style in Europe. The amount of wealth built to create such a home as this is amazing.

There are many who argue that we live in the second Gilded Age these days. Perhaps, this is true. Perhaps it isn’t. All I know is that I have always appreciated history. I teach history as the day job. My voice is too contemporary and when I get my creative juices flowing I need my heroine to be freer to act in a modern way. I cannot imagine how my life would be in any other time period. I know that women had horrible confined lives through most of history. Nonetheless all this knowledge makes me appreciate life in the now.

In a few months my daughter will be born and I hope to impart on her a sense of history, why it’s important to know where we come from and a sense that the future will be amazing if she contributes.

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