Waiting for a newborn

New Borns

Life is coming at me like a freight train. My body is changing in ways you don’t expect. Pregnancy is like watching yourself as part of the nature channel special, but when my daughter kicks me, then I know it’s real and happening.

The day job stress of the year is finally done. My students have taken the AP courses. How they do is completely up to them during test performance, but they have the knowledge. Now I’m turning my attention to actually my baby and of course my writing.

For writing the quick report… I’m in the process of editing so you have my new series by the end of the year.

See that was quick. For the baby, the hardest part is finally choosing my baby’s name. When I write, the characters’s name is often a reflection of personality. For the newborn all I can see is she is part me and part my husband. We’re both air signs. I’m aquarius. My husband is a libra. Our baby will be probably a leo so we’ll have some fire in our lives. This also means our lives are changing.

We’ll have to take our girl outside. We’ll have to ensure that she’s cared for 24 hours a day. Someone will start calling me mom and my husband is now going to be dad. As someone who never expected to have children, it’s overwhelming. And fun to think about.

Right now it’s the week where we really think about carseats and clickable to strollers. What is it that we truly want? So many options! The end is going to be amazing though and there are no words to describe this excitement.