Warm Up your January with Sweet Romances #Instafreebie

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4 thoughts on “Warm Up your January with Sweet Romances #Instafreebie

  1. I am enjoying all the great new books. I am 75 and have arthritis. Winter are difficult in W.N.Y. for people with this problem, your books are a blessing and give me the chance to try out new authors without leaving the house. I can then go to amazon and purchase others that really interest me. Thanks you and God Bless all these generous authors.

  2. Thanks very much for all the FREE reading! I am excited to try several new to me authors from this grouping. I read 25-30 books per week this time of year so freebies are SO WELCOME! I will try my best to leave some 5 stars reviews for the books I enjoy. Usually if I don’t find a book to my taste or dislike because of grammar or other obvious mistakes I just don’t leave a review, after all others may love the book and I want to give all the authors the best chance possible to be a success. Best of luck in 2017 to everyone!

  3. Victoria, I just finished reading the first Collins book chaperoning Paris and was checking into the other books in the series. I see books 1,2 and the novella about Eric Collins (though he wasn’t mentioned in book one so I don’t know who he is) I was wondering what book 4 was, if that was Liam’s story and where I could get my hands on it. I enjoy the plots and would love to know more. I’m also wondering if there’s more of a back story on Margaret and her husband. It was mentioned briefly that she had to confirm who Daniels father was indeed Conall and she shouldn’t say no to Conall. I adore human history and love stories I’m craving more about them all and cannot wait to complete the remaining books. Thanks for writing them and sharing them and helping answer my questions.

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