Wedding and book release next month

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A smorgasbord of dreams for my books in dreams. Writing science fiction has always been a dream. I read sci fi long before I read romance, though romance is related to my estrogen female side.




So when my book gets released next month after my elementary school teacher, a nun, once criticized my art because she didn’t understand fantasy. Now it’s finally happening.

I always said 2014 was going to be my year.

Then boom life took a turn. Wedding plans are underway now. 2014 went from good to amazing. But it also means I’ve not thought about the book beyond the editing phase. December 30th, 2013 will be here super soon.

If you like science fiction, I hope you enjoy.

In personal life, we finished precana classes. (Catholic wedding.) Then there ia million other things to deal with. My parents have their own plans, and everything spins so fast. I hope 2014 for everyone else will be amazing too.

And if you enjoy science fiction, the youtube trailer is alot of fun.

Hugs and love all.