Wedding Classes continue, dance classes, and book release nears

I will talk about dresses soon, though with a bridal friend whose also getting married, we’re talking dresses. But first I need to do an inspection this weekend, then I’ll spill.

So to get married in the Catholic Church, we had to go through Pre-Cana then PMI. At least we like the priest, Father Joe. So this makes everything easier. But I went to Catholic school in Boston. So as a child, all sorts of rumors about what these classes were like existed. Does the celibate priest explain sexual positions or does the Catholic church expouse the rhythm method for birth control? In the school yard, the answers were yes and we all giggled in our school uniform. Fast forward a while, and when the decision to get married happens, those old school beliefs I formed in childhood never materializes, and thank goodness!

Perhaps it was the decision we made to save money and do the pre-cana classes online, but I cannot imagine Father Joe ever explaining sex. It’s an absurb childish untrue thing. The pre-cana online courses dig into areas that could be silly, but the key to every video was the same message… communication is the key to a successful marriage. Okay, good. Understood.  And the ‘natural planning’ stuff talked about no medication and healthy body. I’m open to hearing more which is funny. I started the classes with my arms crossed, expecting to be preached at.

We returned the forms and went to the priest again for this round two… he called it PMI. Searching google made me think we had some sort of test. We prepared for in depth questions and played twenty questions. But PMI was silly normal questions that one normally answers when giving blood or applying for a job. Have you been kidnapped? Are you being forced against your will? Have you been arrested? And while I suppose ancient alien astronaut theory might mean that aliens kidnapped us all once and pre-programmed us… I somehow don’t believe it. So I kept my answer to a strict no. Fiance did too, so we’re now all set with our papers. YEAH!

Next up… Groupon. I do love Groupon. And I found an introductory class for dance instruction for $25. Score! We’re in. We had our first appointment and we both realized we are terrible. I will wear better shoes to our next class. And we’ll get better. But if we have to dance for three to four minutes in front of a crowd… eek!

Next on the to do items for wedding is figuring out what to give guests, as long as the dress is good. I know alot of romance authors and I’ve been thinking about a personal gift I’d give to others at a wedding. Would it be kosher to ask romance writer friends if they’d like to donate books? I’d love to share stories of romance with my guests as writing stories is part of who I am. I’m not sure how to approach the question, and it’s just an idea. But to me a book is better than a cupcake to bring home. It’s longer, more enjoyable and less calories.

Which brings me right back to the Zoastra Affair. It’s close and happening. Soul Mate Publishing took a chance on me and the edits were EXTENSIVE. But it’s made the story better, at least to my thinking. The sequel is being written now, so this energy to get back into my space shoes to the ship and the crew… Ariel and Cross need new friends and those people must have an adventure and the Grays and the Blonds must be stopped.

Guess it’s time to get back to wedding stuff. Do I want a bridal shower? I guess, but sharing happiness with men and women who’ve been kind to me and are my friends is more important than any physical gifts. So it’s strange that mom and my sister really pushed creating the whole registry thing. I can buy my own silverware, so I’m unsure what this whole ‘register’ thing is. But it could be that my head isn’t there yet.

My feet want to dance again. And my mind wants to soar into my imagination. So until next time, we’ll talk on the blog.

And Happy Holidays!!!