Wedding Dress, Bustle and Tuxedo Shopping weekend

I’m sharing my daily life up and downs with everyone these days on facebook and twitter. I have daily updates. And once a month the newsletter goes out. If I get enough people, I’ll post pictures of the wedding dress I am NOT wearing in my wedding and list all the reasons it’s wrong for me. But it might be amazing for someone else. Or I’ll use that in the wreck the dress fun I’ve now seen online. With my actual wedding dress, bought from and no they don’t pay me… I’ll be keeping it. I’m so excited I bought a dress so cheap. David’s bridal is so expensive in comparison and my dress was custom made. Most clothes are made in China anyhow, so if you’re thinking, ‘I don’t know if I trust an online website’ I had the same thoughts.

I bought with so much time to spare in case I hated the dress. And I didn’t need to. Mary Ricksen, an awesome writer, who saw my real dress told me it’s ancient Greek or mythology based. Anyone whose read my fantasies, would guess I’m a sucker for the classics anyhow. And I’m not into the mermaid style of dresses.

The first week of March, I visit the seamstress. I’m not sure the bussle that works on my dress style, so I’m hoping she has a clue. If not, I’m still deciding on the style. (This is the three layer one, which doesn’t fit, at least IMO for my style.)

And I’m thinking I like the Under Bustle

So this weekend we’re heading to Sears and a Tuxedo store today. I hadn’t thought about Sears, at all for men’s suits. It hadn’t hit me that they too might have. Right now we’re leaning towards JOS Bank suits, but who knows. Nothing is set in stone. Why is this so difficult? A: We live in Miami. June is going to be hot and muggy. It’s why I opted for indoors. And B: I’m anti-black. Black is for funerals in my mind. Many people believe black is chic, but that’s not my opinion. I see black as a dark color. I don’t want dark anything on the wedding day. So no black. I’m totally good with a light gray. But the man shouldn’t be wearing wool. And why they sell wool in our big malls is because of Corporate America needing everything to be uniform. Wool isn’t good in Miami, EVER. It’s hot here. It’s to be in the 80s all week according to my Iphone weather.

Burlington Coat Factory is a no. Wool.

Macys is a no. Wool.

If anyone knows a store to check, please comment in the blog.

Oh and since this is about a book blog hop, The Zoastra Affair is available online. The reviews are pretty good so far. And I’m excited. I also have 5 more books coming out in 2014, so stay tuned.

With a wedding, the books, and possible move in the summer, you can guess why I am not using #pindercrazylife in all my social media circles. I’ll soon be working on pinterest because well the best thing to do in a storm is stop to ask for directions. And life is spinning fast right now.

Talk to you soon.

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Dress, Bustle and Tuxedo Shopping weekend

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You certainly have a very busy 2014. The Zoastra Affair sounds fascinating. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  2. The Rafflecopter says I should leave a comment on good things to do on New Years Eve?? That doesn’t seem to quite fit with your wedding planning post! LOL.
    I got married in South Florida 25 years ago. It was early September…The first clear day after a tropical storm week. The humidity was CRAZY. We got married outdoors–at 10:00 in the morning. Everyone is wearing sunglasses in all of the pictures. People say to me, “You’re glowing.” I say, “NO, I’m SWEATING.” I feel your pain!
    Do something fun…Have the guys wear searsucker and preppy bowties and deck shoes (no socks).
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

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