Wedding Dresses

My dress is from China. And let’s not lie to ourselves, dresses in the bridal stores are made in China too. Only why are we paying those crazy fees?

Perhaps you’ve loads of money and never struggled with your budget. Or you’ve a healthy wedding budget because you’ve been saving all your life in hopes of a wedding. I have neither. The truth was I stopped believing that I’d get married. I don’t like reminiscing about times gone by. And I don’t want to settle for someone who would make me unhappy. Life would be horrible, for me, if I settled without knowing who I was or what I wanted.

After multitudes of dating, I have to admit, I stopped believing I’d meet a man I could see myself spend eternity with. My own parents are still married even after the children all left the house. Partnerships are awesome, and what I wanted. But I live in a place where no one is like me. I always have. And I don’t normally mind marching to the beat of my own drummer. But I thought the price of that was the lack of eligible men. So I spent as if I could handle all my own affairs. And wedding savings weren’t even a thought.

Everything changed in my life though when I met my fiance and obviously said yes. Now I have to buy a dress. Egads. Did you see the prices? And you do know that besides making itchy clothes for my sensitive skin, David’s bridal also sells you on the wrong size and gauges you on the alterations. If I bought at a store, it would not be them. The price gauging on anything labeled ‘wedding’ is insane. And David’s bridal is not a bargain.

And unless I write to one of those shows on the style channel, I doubt I can afford 10K on any dress. Then a wedding planner I work next to on the day job told me about this site, The Black Friday sale had every dress on sale. For the price, I decided to take a chance. I’d make some money back and sell it online, or give it to charity for the tax write off. And every week there is the under $100 dollar dress. For $20 extra you can custom order it to your size, exactly. And you don’t need to go to a steamstress. Wear a comfortable bra and get your mom or a friend or the fiance to measure you. (Don’t do it yourself! Fingers slip and we read ourselves wrong.)

Woot woot! When the dress arrived, I tried it on, and thought top is perfect, but the dress is long. THen I realized, duh… petticoat. So I went onto ebay and spent $8 for an A-Line Petticoat. When I show people a picture of my dress, I’ve been told it’s like a greek myth. (Anyone who reads what I write should know I am into fantasy, sci fi anyhow, and it’s my personality entirely.) And I didn’t spend a fortune.

I can’t share the dress I bought, as the guy might see the post. But I just went to to see the sale. For $88 this is a cute dress,

It’s not what I bought, but the price and dress is adorable.

So I hope this helps other brides out there shopping for a bargain. I’m so lucky someone told me about the web site.