Wedding excitement is hitting home

Wedding excitement is hitting me. It’s less than three months away now. It seems that time has gone fast. So today’s agenda includes wedding dress fitting, the priest and the DJ.

First we meet with the seamstress to finally bustle the dress. From an earlier post, you’ll see I had no idea what a bustle was until I had to. A friend told me with the material of my dress being so light, I’ll likely be told to get an underbustle. But I find out today, and it’s really the first planning I have done with my mom. So I’m excited mom and grandma are there. But then again, it’s family time. And light and fun just aren’t exactly our style. So today, I’m hoping everything goes smooth and easy.

Second we meet with the priest. I started asking friends to do readings in the ceremony and I don’t remember at all what readings I choose. I gave the book back and my paper says stuff like D7. I’m not having friends call out bingo numbers, so I have to go back. Also we need to discuss music for the day of the wedding. I am not hiring a DJ for the chapel. If there is an outlet, I guess we’ll go old school with a CD. If anyone has a cost effective option, please share it with me. I’d rather go without for this part if I must. But a little music is always good.

Third on today’s list is a meeting with the DJ. I have an idea for the wedding buffet, calling of tables, and musical selection based on the table names I’m assigning. He told me that this is out of the box thinking and creative. I did not mention I’m a writer. I so wanted to pick famous novel couples or romance couples in favorite stories as table names. But there is no musical accompanying addition to that choice. I also considered asking my friends to donate 8 books and name the table after the couple in the book. But again, it’s not a signal to eat. Plus I didn’t want to overburden my friends who I am inviting to the wedding as guests. So I have my idea that doesn’t burden anyone and I’m off to talk to the DJ today.

Fourth on my list is mom’s party tonight. My mom is party planner extraordinaire. It’s what she lives for. And tonight is the St. Patrick’s Day party she’s having. We’ll be in green. And the fiance has never had corned beef and cabbage. So there is something new for him. But I grew up in Boston where we proudly talk about our Irish heritage (and not my French half), and I know for certain… I am not a fan of corned beef and cabbage. So I won’t be over indulging on tonight’s menu.

And finally, on Monday I’m involved in a blog hop about the writing process. Part of me wishes that I had more time to write. First time in my life where I can’t curl away for a while. But I know the time will return and I only get married once. Can’t regret the reasons for it. I’m with the best guy for me and we’re promising to stay together forever. It’s the best time. Now off to collect my CDs to lend to the DJ.