Wedding, releases, and A Readers Crown Finalist

I’ll keep this quick. Last week was hard work at the day job. The two Advanced Placement tests I prepare students for were last week. So it was constant review session all week. Argh. My students are amazing and awesome, but they were sick of me and I was sick of them at the end of the week.  I had all my students with me for over a week.

So I had no idea that the Readers Crown rating meant I was a finalist for the 2014 Readers Crown. Long before I was engaged, I thought about going to the convention in June. I found a good airline, the tickets were reasonable, but then the now fiance asked me to marry him. I said yes, and June became a busy month for me.  I’m listed here,, under Sci Fi/Time Travel. I’m also a finalist in the for July Romance Novel Center Convention in Vegas. I’m actively looking for flights as I have the time, but the funds are short at the time.


Oh the wedding. On my pinterest, I post some of the things I want for the wedding, but I won’t have everything. Some I’m doing different. Some I bought. I needed a dress for the rehearsal dinner which I forgot about. It’s all Persian night, which is his cultural food. So kebabs, salad, and whatever else. We planned the food for the out of town guests. We picked Persian songs for the evening. We have the rehearsal of course before this. And we will have spent the day ensuring that the hall is festive enough for the wedding. Pulling off a candy buffet is scaring me now. Do I have enough candy? Should I have bought more? And I still have to buy thank you cards.

My poor debit card has been on fraud alert twice this month already for too much use. My bank is awesome like that in protection, and I reported I was making the purchases. But I’m excited. In 27 days I say yes in front of family and friends. The wedding itself is up near my parents, so there will be a lot of driving that week. But I’m excited.

Writing is in the backseat for the month, but this summer post wedding, I’m positive everything will go back to normal. Daily word counts return and the life of a writer kicks in. But for now, the dreams of a bride have taken over almost everything.

What unique spin can I do on the day to really personalize the experience? The food is standard wedding food, and we can’t help that it’s part of the package. In his culture, buffet is considered high class and it’s wrong to pick out the guest foods for him. So it’s buffet style serving, but I hope I have enough little things that entertain everyone.

It’s going to be fun. That’s the point of a wedding reception. We’re sharing a meal with friends and family. It’s a celebration about love, and as a romance writer, how can I not be all ‘let’s do this’ mentality.

Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush comes out June 12th. Chaperoning Paris also comes out soon. I finished the edits Thursday, so I’ll up date you on the release date soon.

And in the mean time, come reimagine life with me! It’s going to be great fun to restart life with the words, Mrs. that can now appear in front of my name. A few years ago, I’d have laughed at myself over such nonsense.

Take care.