Wedding Tips Continued

So in planning a wedding in June, there comes a point where all the big stuff is set. Then I tend to think this is where people screw up weddings. “How should I decorate?”

The budget has kept me honest. And I think, okay, what can I do?

Reality is that the place comes with the table clothes, chairs, etc. So I’m not worried about that. But I don’t want to spend a fortune on wedding decorations. But does that stop the questions? Heck no. Should I buy ballet slippers for changing at the party. Rumor is the foldable solemates are great for that, but I wish I could see them in person. Possibly another Amazon buy.

Then there is pinterest and the wedding board. I’m getting ideas for how to handle the gazebo and what to put on the stage.This one seems most manageable. However I am thinking about this one and this one. To me they will be much harder, but I have to hit the craft store.

And on the stage where I’ll be sitting awkwardly, somehow I want to do garden wedding theme for inside in June. (There is a reason authors avoid the stage.) Now in Florida June is HOT.  And in a big dress, I am doing air conditioning. But as his custom is that we’re on stage… okay then. Right now it’s big blank stage with us and a cake without a stand up there. DJ is going to the side. Do I rent white sheets? Or would that look too fru fru Miami style. I’m thinking of placing white picket like doors up on stage, with the gazebo in the middle. Beyond the gazebo we have a fake green plant so it seems full. Then on stage in areas, rent roman columns and stick flowers on them. It it looks like a garden.

And how does one hang stuff from the ceiling in a rental hall? I don’t understand. So I’m still slightly lost, but these are the things weighing on my mind.

So when someone asks about my writing, my truthful answer… much slower than before. Wedding stuff gets in the way, but then I smile. I was once cynical about love and romance and I stopped completely. I had assumed the guy must be out of town and it calmed me down, alot. Then boom, I meet the guy and everything changes so fast.

Hope the wedding tip of the week helps and talk to you all soon!

(Sent my edits in for Chaperoning Paris on Friday… I hope my editors likes the changes…. Still waiting on news.)