Wedding Update Chapel and Reception and Addresses

I wish I was a person who collected physical addresses. But I’m bad like that. I have no problem texting people or sending greetings via email, but old school mail… what? Yet now I want to send out formal invitations, and not just emails. The husband to be has no issue because he knows everyone’s addresses for his side. So it’s my issue.

Speaking of planning a wedding, the chapel is booked for the ceremony. I don’t want the huge Church. Chapel is amazingly fine. I hadn’t intended to shop parishes. My parents, my grandma all go to one Catholic Church. When getting married, Dad and Grandma both talked to the same priest for me. We set up the appointment there, but as I went to Catholic school, I knew there was more than just the chapel. There are classes. So I thought, let’s do that as close to the house as possible. We went to the local Church which is EXTREMELY conservative. They said class every week for nine months. Eeek. Then we talked to the Father my parents and Grandma already spoke to. He said a couple times. So family is right. We’re going there. (And yes I’m confirmed. It happened in Irish Catholic school.)

The reception hall is on hold at the moment. This weekend we go up to try some food and leave the deposit. So once that is done, it’s back to invitations.

Why am I not discussing the dress at the moment? I’m waiting for my mom. She’s up with my sister who is about to give birth. Mom comes home in a week or two and we can discuss dress shopping then. I want mom with me.

In the meantime, it’s time to go write. I hope all is well!!!