100% I take ownership of the mistake!!! My book is pseudo releasing today. Some of you who preordered received the draft. Amazon and Nook should be updating today. I went on a cruise and realized way too late that the files I thought were good to go were in fact not good to go. Amazon refused to let me fix it until today so at this point this afternoon everyone should have the option to see the actual REAL file and to get the update.

If there was any question on ‘do I write my own books’ well today’s error proves how horrible of a writer I am without editors. You get the fun not clean, spelling grammar nightmare version right now for sale. However by this afternoon this error should be kinked out. Sorry about my troubles and I have no vacations where I might mess up files planned (though I wish I did!)


As for Secret Bridesmaid, I do hope you love it. Jennifer’s scheme is about to catch up with her as it once again interferes with a romantic pairing. And I loved writing Emily. She’s comfortable in her skin. She’s not super skinny like her actress sister. She’s okay that she likes the desert table once in a while. And she lands herself the rock star of the family. I loved this book so much I planned 4 off shots of it. Everyone in the band is getting a book. Rock Stars were just so much fun to write. I have 10K of the last Bentley book to write and then I’m writing a Morgan, another Princes of Avce novel, and then boom… a rock star because that’s just fun and we all need fun.

So if you want to meet the band, check out this book!!!

Secret Bridesmaid

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Emily Wilson’s is supposed to be a bridesmaid at her sister’s friends wedding, but secretly, she’s gathering intel to stop the marriage from ever happening.

Emily Wilson’s a legal secretary for a prestigious law firm, but her firm’s newest client needs Emily to accept being a bridesmaid in her sister’s best friend’s wedding. If she hears anything about the groom, she’s to report to the security that’s there to gather info to stop the wedding. She planned for everything except for one thing: the bad boy rock star brother of the groom noticing her.

Axel Morgan’s about to start another world tour, until he meets a woman who’s nothing like the usual groupies he encounters in his dressing room. She’s different, unusual and captivating. Finding out she’s in his brother’s disaster of a wedding gives him a reason to enjoy himself as he chases after the one woman whose captured his attention. But what happens when he discovers her entire presence is a lie?

A one night stand with a rock star wouldn’t be the worst way to spend this wedding, but when the pair take the risk of thinking their fling can be anything more, Emily faces a crash and burn that could lose her everything.

Fans of Nora Roberts and Bella Andre are addicted to this sweet contemporary romance series by USA Today bestselling author Victoria Pinder!

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