This week is week 3 of 4. Soon I’ll start writing a story first for the blog that’s not edited. Last week’s was too close to call! All of these are just potential stories. November is NanoWrimo which is national novel writing month, so I’ll be streaming my novel here as work in progress but I’m deciding on the visual. So I’m asking for your help. These are 7 more I made up this week in the quest to figure out what to write. And your votes count! I will post the top 6 for a finals round so right now we’re just picking which ones you like best to help get them to the final. So let me know! Please vote here: https://forms.gle/WN83JQkehiSVC2SL8

This week I’ve been battling a cold my toddler brought home from preschool or the children’s museum. So staying positive has been my struggle when i want to curl into my bed, but can’t because I’ll just sneeze. And the little ones are also sick so it’s been one of those ‘we’ll survive’ modes. Can’t wait till I’m wring something new and fun. (I finished a new Morgan book this week though so that made me happy.)

Anyhow please vote and let me know what I should write…