When it rains it pours part 2

So my chances of finishing that historical romance I started by the end of 2015 are pretty much gone now. I made it about 25000 words so it’s more than just started. I wanted to try a new genre to see how I felt about it, but I’ll have to leave that till 2016 now. Why? Well the edits for Mything the Throne and Electing Love both came in now. 2016 has great novels from me already contracted. So from now until the New Year, my life is now editing or rewriting. At least with this, I’m not stressing every second on my Kindle Scout Nomination round 2.0. The hard part of this much work is balancing life. How do I do this? Once I finish my next chapter, I’m going to swim in the pool. Then I’m coming back and getting myself in the chair to edit more. Mondays are a good day for me to edit. It feels like back to work Monday. Fridays are the worst. It’s like a child with their homework sometimes. I’m good everyday except the times I want to go out and have fun. People often ask ‘how do you fit writing in your life?’ How do school children fit homework into theirs while still maintaining their life? As a teacher, I give a lot of homework. I teach Advanced Placement. I can’t help it. Either way in school I learned, school, homework time, family time, friends time. It’s the same as an adult. It’s work, writing, family and friends time. Life is often about finding the balance. My stress comes when I’m not balanced and stressed about one of the 4 areas that take up my 24 hour day. Anyhow that’s all for now. Talk to you soon.

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