When trouble hits, it means something good is on its way

So I received the beginnings of my edits on my novel, the Zoastra Affair. After pulling my hair out, I’m hoping I’m on track now. I am learning so much, and I’m grateful. Yeah!!! To get into a mood to type away, I know have a youtube list of videos to play while I write. It’s totally my new thing to do now.

So I started finding videos on Chaperoning Paris in order to avoid work on Sunday morning. So many people have awesome videos on Paris. And I’ve never done this before, but I just found a great little theme song from an indie artist. I love it. 

My couple in the story knew each other before but fall in love in Paris. Such an awesome song.

So let’s now discuss the title. In the middle of the edits, my computer broke. I superglued the letter ‘r’ back on to keep working. And i had to buy a new one. I won’t be jumping on the ‘Macs are cooler’ bandwagon because well I’m not a band wagon person. I thought macs were cool when I was a little. Now I want word to work and I’m happy. New computer arrived on Friday, and I spent the day fixing it all up. Saturday morning, I met with a friend writer who also has her first new book coming out in November, same as me, and we edited at the same table at barnes and noble. Exciting Saturday, no? Not much talking, but some. Her edits were so much simplier than mine. Part of me was jealous, but I shouldn’t be. I figure trouble means everything will be better in the end. It’s funny that way, but I’m grateful to get the chance to better myself. To me, it’s exciting.

But hey, I’m strange. Okay less blogging and more writing. Talk to you soon!