Who would play Nathan in my short story for Valentine’s Day

Beth and Nathan’s story is a short sweet story. So I’m wondering who are my top five choices for Nathan and Beth. As it’s short, it’s not a Hollywood movie. But it could be a TV show. So today I’m looking at TV for my top five men. I’ll have to think about Beth later for a girl who could be my best friend from TV. I prefer to think about hot TV guys tonight.

All pictures are taken from Amazon DVD editions or Wikipedia(just the one)… Final_Returning_for_Valentine's_#11_copy

Nathan and Beth have known each other their whole lives. Nathan must be hot and sexy, but also be a great hero type.

1. McSteamy… Older slightly than I intended for my character, but for him, I’m good. We’ll just age adjust

2. The Arrow aka Stephen Amell… how hot is this guy?!? Suddenly I’m in and noticing… might be the shirtless scenes.

3. Eric Martsolf… I do have to say my mother dragged me to a professional production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to see Donnie Osmond. After seeing the production with her, I realized my fangirl days must be genetic. Anyhow this boy was playing the King… Then he moved onto Passions, playing Ethan Crane. Now he’s on Days of Our Lives as Brady Black. I’m not watching the show anymore, but he’s welcome to be the hero in my story

4. Paul Wesley from the Vampire Diaries. I might not watch shows on vampires much but I appreciate hot men.

5. Joshua Jackson… I was a fan of this boy since Dawson’s Creek, and he’s hotter and sexier now. After making this list, I’m thinking he should be first on my list. In a dream world, I’d cast this boy in a heartbeat to be the hero.

Now for Beth… She has to have vulnerability and loveable. She’s not action hero. She’s a girls girl. Guess I’ll think about it tomorrow… channeling Scarlett’s famous line.

In the meantime it’s release day. Put it out early. Hope you enjoy Returning for Valentine’s Day available on Amazon. Then if you do, Two Weeks in Miami is due out next month!!!