Why repeat Kindle Scout? What if you lose?

Blog Post

I swear placing my book in Kindle Scout for the second time is far more frightening than the first time. With Winter Peril, I understood that if I lost, I’d find what was wrong, fix it and then move on. I didn’t see a lose and only saw a win. I was so done with the book and ready to move on to something else. With Stormy Peril it’s like tempting fate. Can you repeat success? Are you a one hit wonder? The questions amplify in my brain. It’s pretty scary. But if we don’t try, then we don’t win, right? That’s what every self help book will say and the pollyanna inside me agrees. Eek! Everything will be fine no matter what, but I’ll bother my husband for a few more hand holding moments.

So the campaign begins again. This time the story is different. I am not quite sure what to do with Stormy Peril if I don’t succeed. The 5 other books I have already written that are not this series, well that is a different scenario. Those I am still working on to make awesome. I’ll figure out the game plan for those later. It was so hard to say ‘I wrote a book that is about two people stuck in a house’ so write a sequel. So I took elements and side characters and boom Stormy Peril was born. In some ways Stormy Peril is more suspense as the external plot where assassins want to kill Kimberly is established early on. It made the danger more real as I wasn’t hiding it in the shadows. If you want to read Kimberly’s tale, then please vote https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/19MWTS7CDJODQ