Winner and Loser and Why It’s time to pick up and try again

Winners and Losers

In life, we go through times when we’re on top of everything. Then we go through the ‘why wasn’t it me?’ Stuff. No one can win at everything. No one. Ever. Olympians know this. CEOs know this. All you can do when faced with a no is turn around and make it into a ‘your loss not mine’ mentality.

I’m always happy for all my friends about everything. I’m usually excited to hear about personal successes, but I’m not the one you call when you want to cry for more than an hour. (Hey we are all allowed to shut the door, let the tears flow, and release the energy. Then you open the door and it’s time to move on.)

So I can see people are clicking on past posts about ‘what happens if you win or lose Kindle Scout?’ Well I can now safely discuss winning and losing. I won Kindle Scout. I encouraged others to give a try. I’ll be speaking about how it was a wonderful experience next month in person at the Florida Romance Writers conference. And I’ll also speak about losing. In the campaign for Stormy Peril, I had 1400 views. I don’t know 1400 hundred people. Now granted a few of those are repeats. Even if everyone clicked twice, that’s 700 people. I still don’t know 700 people in person. So while I didn’t win, people saw my campaign. I put the book on preorder and I already have orders coming in for Stormy Peril.

What else? I’m halfway done with the third book in the series. So yeah. Winter weather continues to create havoc in the series where people are severely isolated from the world. I’ve put another book out there for people to read that’s my other genre. I finished my edits for Mything the Throne. I’m working on edits for Electing Love. 2016 is looking great. I also have my other series that I want to drop on the world with a bunch of books, but first I want to know how all the characters are related and work in side stories everywhere. I want the new series to feel like you know everyone, like you do in a prime time television show. So it’s time to move on.

I already posted about Swoon reads, but if you want to check it out, go to

In life it’s unhelpful and a hindrance to be so stuck with one way that you cannot see the other paths that are offered in front of us. What does it hurt to take a chance? Pride? Ehh. I let that go. You can too.

Hope everyone is having an awesome day and getting ready for Christmas and all it’s wonders. My small tree is plugged in reminding me that miracles can happen.

Victoria Pinder