Winners of Two January Contests and excitement

I’m getting over this flu. Yuck. I still have the cough, but I am determined to get over this. Besides writing, I’m getting excited for the upcoming Florida Romance Writers Cruise Conference. Whatever illness I had this month, will disappear on that ship…

Packing my bags today.

Ensuring to Anakin Skywalker‘s needs is an everyday occurance on my part (Anakin is the cat, and don’t let him fool you with the name… he’s not evil unless you are seeking to write when he demands to be a lap cat and be petted at all hours, all the time. My cat missed the memo on being standoffish.) For the cruise, my sister is having a staycation and will ensure Anakin’s well provided for.

What does one wear on a writers cruise?

Wait… FINISH writing that contemporary Pinder. Stop the White Rabbit ‘I’m late’ dance and just ‘do.’

As you can see the ADD is back, though if it would take this cough… I’d be a much happier person.

Now onto declaring the winners!

Winner was another Vicky, though this one spells her name with a y, making us different. I wrote on my mother’s white walls of our apartment in kindergarten how to spell my name with permanent marker. Dad yelled at me to the point I still remember, but I was so angry people tried to spell my name with that ‘y.’

Vicky good luck with the weight loss this year! Hope you enjoy Returning for Valentine’s Day!

Second winner for Returning to Valentine’s Day was Laura from this one.


I did not put the numbers out there and pick a winner for the Black Lion’s Tour, or the grand prizes for these hops, but it was so awesome to see how people were visiting my site when I was under the weather. So virtual hello to all.

Off to write now. Hope all of y’all have an amazing day.

Oh and the voice over won…. the sound was altered, as everyone suggested. Thank you!!!!


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