Winter Memories


It’s easier to remember winter fondly when you’re safe from the daily truth that the isolation can bring into your life.

As many blog readers now. I might live in Miami now, but I remember growing up in Boston. Boston is windier than Chicago and it’s ten degrees colder than New York. I might not understand how the winters of Nebraska are, but no matter where you are, the snow brings out this isolation.

In Winter Peril, I originally did not have Erica ever leaving the house. A friend who read the draft was like ‘she needs to leave.’ I argued that it’s deadly to go outside in the snowstorm, but she was adamant. The girl needs some self respect and ‘I would go.’ The friend is a Floridian. The character is a Floridian. I gave up the argument and wrote in the wolves attack. She needed to stay in the house. It was a fun scene that also ended up changing the dynamic of the couple in the story.

In Stormy Peril I had Kimberly diving into the frigid Atlantic ocean for a few minutes. She comes back shivering cold, but she succeeded in her mission. She had a clue.

So yes I really do dream about winter. In my new manuscript I’m penning now, it has a winter and isolation element. Growing up I remember having to spend the day in my bedroom because I couldn’t go outside. Families get louder and even if we’re all in our own room somehow the air becomes tight. Spring allows for escape. I always longed for the time when I didn’t have to shovel snow to get the car out of the driveway. Moving to Miami fulfilled that dream and I didn’t wait until I retired to do it.

With all this said, I hope everyone on the east coast of the USA stays safe. The storm looks horrible. I’ll be snuggling up with my RITA books to read today. I hope you have something inviting to read while you’re stuck inside the house but SAFE.