Winter Peril has been Selected for Kindle Scout

I’m so excited!!! I saw a bunch of text messages on my phone this morning. An email was sent at midnight, but I was sleeping. I found out ten minutes ago. My book has been selected by the Kindle Scout team.

I have to say thank you to everyone who voted for me. I was already grateful I stayed hot all 30 days of my experience. This is because people like you voted and I was happy for that. I had convinced myself that the hot factor wasn’t a factor from all my analysis of the previous seven books. Now I see it must be a factor too.

Winter Peril is a great book. It’s been edited a few times. I had an agent for that book, until recently. Now everyone will have a chance to see the book. I do believe this is the single most important factor if anyone is thinking about the Kindle Scout process. Make sure the book is in the best possible shape and don’t put the book up too early.

Then there is the cover. I bought that cover from a cover designer over a year ago when I was rough draft done. I saw it as a premade and I said to myself ‘I have to have that one.’ It was gorgeous. So I shelled out the money and it wasn’t a cheap because something inside me said I had t have that. It gave off this sense of alone in the middle of winter…


I better get to fixing up the sequel to the book that is rough draft done. It needs more of something and now that I have the freedom to do it, I know exactly how I want to fix it.

Oh, I made this yesterday as I was in the midst of deciding what I might do if this Kindle Scout thing doesn’t work. I made no final decision on that and now I don’t have too. But I love how this video came out…