Winter Peril is going up everywhere

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So in 2015 I won a publishing contract for Winter Peril with Amazon and I was so excited! The book did well for a while and I wrote a sequel, Stormy Peril. I called the series A Frosted Game of Hearts and now I’m feeling a huge need to go back to mix gothic romance and contemporary romance again. I loved the mystery element and the unsure woman alone in a house with a sexy stranger.

Winter Peril was inspired by two very different books, Wuthering Heights and The Shining. (The only Stephen King book I read and I realized I was absolutely not a horror reader as I was scared for months.)

Now at the end of 2017 I earned my rights back to the book I loved and adored. I totally need to fit in something gothic for my 2018 world because it’s fun to go a little dark once a while.

But in the meantime, my book is now going everywhere. I’m still waiting for Google Play and Kobo, but all the other retailers are out now!

But in the meantime, I’m so excited about this that I set up a small giveaway where for helping me spread the news, you can win a really cute winter inspired necklace!

I hope you can help me spread the word about this fun giveaway and one of my personal favorite books I read.